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Tips and recommendations

No matter how much you know about cats, you will always learn new things, you will always learn something useful. At first glance it may seem simple to grow a cat, but if you want to do it responsibly, you will have more and more questions. It is good to try to be interested in everything, so that your cat will benefit from everything that is best.

The first thing you do when you have a kitten is to ask yourself: do I have to feed them to be healthy and beautiful? Those from whom you buy the safe kitten will explain everything you need, but if they don’t, you can go and ask the vet.

The point is that opinions are shared. Why? Because like humans, kittens also have different tastes. But with one thing all specialists will agree: do not give cats the food we consume, people. Do not give bread, do not give omelette or other left over from our table.
They have completely and completely other dietary needs and can manifest many allergies to human food. It affects them both at the level of health and at the level of the physical aspect, of the quality of the fur. They lose their energy and they can even have serious side effects. In the specialty shops you will find both wet and dry feed, in envelopes, and dry, in bags, for kittens up to one year old and for adult cats or even sterilized cat food, which contains exactly what they need. You will be able to try 2-3 different types of food, based on chicken, beef … turkey and you will notice what they like.

Water is just as important to felines as it is to humans. Make sure your new friend has a bowl of fresh, fresh water available permanently. I recommend ceramic pots for both water and food because they retain the lowest rate of microbes, but also stainless steel is very good.

A second care you will have will be to purchase a litter, toilets, special for cats and sand for this, so that there are no “unwanted surprises”. The beds are of several types, simple or with roof, with door and filters to avoid the smells. Also the sand for them is of several types.

Give yourself some time and read the boxes / bags to make the decision that you think benefits you the most. A pedigree British Shorthair cat is educated to do the litter by the breeder and you will have no problems.

Let’s not forget a carrier / bag where you will take her to the vet for checks or wherever you want to travel with the cat. Make sure it has all the comfort you need in it when you choose it.

Very important: the toys and the place for scratching. In almost all stores you will find many types of cat toys and some special scratch toys. Yes, cats like to scratch and not to get where they are, buy such a device. Find up to 50 lei. Pedigree breed cat will always go to the special place and will not scratch the furniture.