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About Us

We are a cattery of British Shorthair cats, located in Bucharest and internationally authorized, member of WCF (World Cat Federation). We respect the regulations of the National Feline Magnificats association, to which we are affiliated, as well as those of the international association to which we belong.

What we aim to do is to offer you as much as possible as breeders. That’s why we learn everyday and study everything we can about this breed. We try to offer what we also want to have in our family, a loving soul to offer affection and also to enjoy happy moments. Certainly a British Shorthair cat can bring a smile to anyone’s face without much effort.

All our cats have Fife or WCF pedigree certificates and analyzes for all genetic and viral diseases performed in respected laboratories with which we prove to be perfectly healthy.

Our cats come from carefully selected breeding lines, represented by champions, international and world champions. We want to offer as much as possible to the lovers of British Shorthair Blue cats and for this purpose we strive to keep our cats to the highest standards. They are raised in a family environment, receive maximum affection and attention, the best food and periodic medical checks.

All our cats are of absolutely pure breed British Shorthair, which of course we can prove. The cats that will leave us will be perfectly adapted to family life, educated and learned to eat properly and first of all, very healthy. If you want a British Shorthair Fairytale Bliss chick please use one of the contact methods we offer you to ask us for details, but not before reading please “I want a chick” where they are briefly written the basic details that might interest you.

Use the Contact box for any details you want to ask us.