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British shorthair

British Shorthair is the breed of cats that we want to present in our pages to those who chose to visit our site.

We will present very briefly some general characteristics of this breed and if you want more information you can write us on the email address posted on the contact or on the number of WhatsApp.
The British Shorthair cat is one of the most beloved cat breeds, due to its gentle, calm and very pampered temperament. They like attention, but they will not stress you and constantly ask you to hold them in your arms. It can be a very pleasant company to watch a movie in peace.

British Shorthair are cats that do not mellow too often. After becoming familiar with the house and the people in the house, these cats will be very affectionate, but they will not suffocate you with their love and they will be very playful, but they will not exaggerate. They will come to ask for affection and offer it to all family members.

British Shorthair cat – In Romania

In Romania there are some British Shorthair catteries from where you can get a kitten in what color you want. It’s good to check if the cat from which you want to take your kitten is registered. This information is quite easy to verify on the Internet.

If you want to have the guarantee of a pure breed cat, certified by the parents’ documents (the birth certificate of a cat is called “pedigree”) and by the registration documents of the cattery, we sincerely recommend that you purchase the desired kitten only after you verify these details . A well-made expense is the one after which you will be able to enjoy for a long time what you bought.