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I want a kitten

This section is created especially for lovers of this breed, who want as a pet a pure breed British Shorthair and who want to prove that this breed is indeed pure. You can purchase a British Shorthair kitten with pedigree only from an authorized cattery that is registered in a feline association and affiliated with an international association. These associations have strict regulations and formalities for breeders, to ensure that the resulting cats and kittens are of the best genetic quality and perfectly healthy.

Kittens documents

The kittens will be able to leave us around the age of 3 months, after all the necessary medical treats and after the vaccinations have been made. If we have kittens available that are not yet optimal age to move away from their mother and you want one of them to become yours, you can book it based on a contract with us. You will often receive pictures with it, but will only be able to reach you after taking all the necessary vaccinations, ie around the age of 3 months.

The kittens will leave with us accompanied by the pedigree certificate, the health card issued by the veterinarian and the implanted microchip with a unique series. In the health book will be passed the deferrals performed, the vaccines as well as its identification data. They will have absolutely all the vaccines that can be made by the age you get it from us. You will also receive proof that its parents are tested and have negative results in communicable viral genetic diseases.

What is a pedigree certificate ?

The pedigree is a birth certificate in which the names of the parents, grandparents, grandparents, as well as their origin and the degrees obtained at competitions – if they have passed. It can be issued only to an authorized breeder and only if both parents are pure breed and have such certificates. If the parents of the kitten have pedigrees, then obtaining the certificate for it is a formality that does not involve high costs. The only situation in which the pedigree cannot be obtained for the kitten is that the parents do not hold such certificates and do not belong to authorized breeders.

You will certainly find more options when looking for a pedigree British Shorthair kitten and you will hear some say “what matters if he has pedigree or not”. But think about the simple fact that you will not even know if the date of birth of the cat is the one that communicates to you, maybe not whether or not the parents are the ones who show you. An authorized cattery can show you in documents when the kittens were born, who their parents and ancestors are.

Every kitten is unique in its own way, like a human, has a different temperament, has different traits, so it is important to make sure you see the real parents of your new friend.

Kitten transportation

The transport of the kittens from us to you must be carried out under optimum safety conditions for it, and the cost of the transport is entirely your responsibility. We, as a cattery, will fully bear the costs of raising, educating, vaccinating, getting rid of and carrying out the health book by the veterinarian, as well as with microchipping, removing the pedigree and sterilizing the kitten.

Educating the kitten

The kittens will be socialized and taught to use the litter to meet their needs. They will eat both dry food (coils) and wet food (envelopes).

Warning: cats are not human, they have completely different food needs and are not allowed to eat food and scraps from our table.
We insist a lot on the diet and nutrition of cats that leave us because most of it depends on their health and physical appearance, the quality of their fur and their energy level.

All our cats have grown in our family, together with us, cared for and surrounded by love and their chicks also enjoy the same living conditions. We give them maximum attention, spoil them and grow them with us, so that when you integrate them into your family they will be accustomed to family life.

We want you to enjoy your new friend quietly and without problems and we will provide assistance in any situation you need.

According to U.E. regarding the pets, the cat will have to leave us sterilized and medically checked to ensure its health.