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My British Shorthair Kitten

For cat lovers nothing is more fun than being able to enjoy the company of a kitten, cute, fluffy and funny. We know this and we try to do everything we can do to offer you as beautiful and perfectly healthy specimens as we can , so you can enjoy them with your family.

We make sure from the time the babies are born to receive everything they need to have high immunity, eat healthy, get vaccinations, internal and external deworming and be taught to go to toilet alone. However, what seems to us at least as important is that you, the future parent of the British cat, to have the chance to enjoy a fully socialized, friendly and willing kitten, that will enjoy the company of the people, respectively the new family. Since they were born, we play with them, our children also and show them affection, love and care.

Being in Bucharest, helps us offer you the opportunity to come and see the kittens, but anyway, we will constantly provide you pictures and video footage with your new fluffy friend until he is ready to take you home.
You will receive along with the kitten a starter package with Royal Canin Kitten food, ceramic bowl, toys and a few other items you will need. The documents to be accompanied are: the pedigree certificate (the birth certificate), the health book in which you will have passed the vaccines and the dewormings made as well as the unique series of the microchip and a certificate issued by the veterinarian following a final consultation performed before to leave us, from which it is clear that it is perfectly healthy.

For any questions you have, we are at your disposal even on weekends, on WhatsApp (0771270928), Facebook (private messages please) or Instagram.

We offer from time to time short films on our YouTube Channel and we hope you will enjoy the materials we offer.

We are a family that loves cats very much and we want our kittens to grow and live in a loving and joyful environment.

“A happy house is a house that has at least one cat.”

(Italian saying )